Photos & Videos


The following videos are available on our Official Snoqualmie Tribe YouTube Channel.

“Sacred Connections” by Hemlock Productions

Sacred Connections is a documentary about the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe and its history in being recognized as a sovereign nation by the federal government in 1999. This film was commissioned to Hemlock Productions for the Tribe’s 20th Anniversary of being re-recognized, which was the film’s premiere on October 6, 2019. If you have any questions regarding the permissions of this film, please use our Contact Us form on our main website.

“wiʔaac from the Snoqualmie Tribe”

This short trailer was produced for the Burke Museum’s 2019 BurkeMobile Program, which travels to different schools to have in-person lessons with students. The topics covered in this video are further explored in the BurkeMobile Program.

“Snoqualmie Indian Tribe – Harvesting Practices”

This video was produced for a series of presentations at the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA during Native American Heritage Month in 2018. The other video in this series can be found in the Canoe Journey tab of the menu. This video covers three plants that were traditionally harvested by the Snoqualmie Peoples: wapato, mushrooms, and cattails.