Welcome to our Lushootseed language resources. Here you will find information that will help you learn more about the language traditionally spoken by the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe.

Listen to a greeting in Lushootseed:

The Snoqualmie People spoke the Southern dialect (txʷəlšucid) of the Lushootseed language used by many regional tribes who often spoke both the Southern and Northern dialects because of extensive travel in the Unites States and Canada. This language is now on the ‘endangered’ list with few remaining fluent speakers.

The Snoqualmie Tribe Language Department strives to recover and educate the Tribal Community using the Lushootseed language along with relearning the traditional lifeways of the Snoqualmie People. We incorporate our language programs into the Canoe Family, Carving and Natural Resources programs where participants can learn the language connected to their activities.

We encourage you to incorporate the language into your daily lives. Staff works with you to create materials and programs to assist with creating ‘language nests’ in the home and work using online programs, face-to-face tutoring, or home visits in an effort to preserve this language.

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