Zoom Classes with the Culture Dept

The Culture Department is excited to announce that Culture classes will be transitioning to an online platform via the Zoom application. Participants do not need to have a Zoom account to join a Zoom meeting, but participants will need an email address and Wi-fi connection.

First, to find a complete list of the Snoqualmie Culture Classes Online for 2020, please visit the Gatherings Calendar on this website or click below.

Gatherings Calendar


Second, once you’ve found some classes that you’d like to attend, then you can RSVP to them by using the Culture Classes RSVP form on this website or click below. You can RSVP more than once if you need to attend more classes, or contact culture@snoqualmietribe.us to adjust your RSVP.

Culture Class RSVP Form


Once you have submitted your RSVP, a Culture Department staff will email you with the class times and Zoom meeting links that correspond to the classes you chose. Times for each session will vary, but private sessions can also be scheduled for one-on-one instructions.



How to Join a Zoom Meeting

When it comes time to join a Zoom Meeting for a Culture Class, you can follow the below steps and tips:


Step 1 – Find the Link that Corresponds with the Class

Click on the Zoom link that was provided by Culture staff for the class that you chose.


Step 2 – Open the Class on Your Computer or Mobile Phone

Then, a Join from your Browser link will appear and prompt you to join the meeting from your default Internet Browser.


Step 3 – Add Your Name

Once you click on the Join from your Browser link, you will be asked to type in your name so that the meeting host can identify you.


Step 4 – Turning Video and Audio On/Off

In the meeting, you can choose to have your video or audio on or off. Video is not required for Culture Classes, and while we need your microphone in use to hear you, you can also Mute yourself by turning off your audio until you’d like to speak. Note: Zoom will display to others whether or not you are on mute. Muting yourself can help reduce the amount of background noise that other participants in the class can hear.


This is what it looks like when your Audio and Video are ON. These buttons are found in the left of the bottom menu-bar.

This is what it looks like when your Audio and Video are OFF.


Step 5 – How to Raise Your Hand

During the class, if you’d like to alert the host that you have a question without turning on your microphone, there is a Raise Hand feature within the Participants button at the bottom of the window. Once you open the Participants panel, you can find the Raise Hand button at the bottom-right of the panel.


The Participants button can be found in the bottom menu-bar. Clicking on it will open a right-hand panel that expands options for participants.

The Raise Hand button, found in the bottom of the right-hand panel for Participants, will notify the host that you have something to say.

The Raise Hand button, found in the bottom of the right-hand panel for Participants, will notify the host that you have something to say.


Step 6 – Using a Virtual Background

If you’d like to only show your face and not the background behind you, you can turn on the Virtual Background feature. This feature acts as a green screen to cover up your background behind you. It isn’t always perfect at separating the background from your self, but it can help add a little privacy to your meetings. And you can tell everyone in the meeting that you’re calling from Canoe Journey or the Snoqualmie River!


Canoe Journey Virtual Background Example


Step 8 – Using the Chat Feature

The Chat feature can be very helpful, especially if you need to notify the host or one of the participants without interrupting the class. It is also helpful to use if you’re having issues with getting your audio or video to work properly. See below the example of the Chat Box that appears when you click on the Chat Button. You can choose to chat with everyone in the group, or if you click on the drop-down menu on the Everyone Button, then you can also chat with the host or other participants privately. Another way to chat with others privately is to open the Participants panel and click on the name of the individual.


The Chat button can be found in the middle of the bottom menu-bar.

To switch between chatting with Everyone or with an Individual privately, click on the drop-down menu located on the Everyone button.