Snoqualmie Tribe Canoe Journey Information

The Snoqualmie Tribe’s Culture Department is honored to invite all Snoqualmie Tribal members and their families to attend this year’s 2023 Canoe Journey Paddle to Muckleshoot: Honoring Our Warriors Past and Present (July 30, 2023 – August 6, 2023).

The upcoming Culture Department gatherings offer Tribal Members the opportunity to make their own regalia, learn songs and dances, learn how to make traditional art and help prepare gifts for the hosting tribe and guests, ready the participants who want to pull in the canoe, and learn how to speak Lushootseed while on the Canoe Journey.

Snoqualmie Tribe Canoe Journey Experience

If you would like to view the Snoqualmie Tribe Canoe Journey Experience & Photo Gallery, please click on the ‘View Live Map’ button below. The overall goal for this product was to create an environment where all Snoqualmie Tribe members, staff, and the public can experience the 2023 Canoe Journey and feel connected along our path.The Snoqualmie Tribe Canoe Journey Experience works on any device, though the preferred method of viewing is on a computer-sized screen.

Each point on the map invites users to add photographs of locations from years past or in 2023! The Snoqualmie Tribe Canoe Journey Experience live tracking map and photo submission e-form are located on this web page.

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How can I participate? What will participants learn on Canoe Journey?
  • Make items for gifting the hosting Tribe & guests of the Journey.
  • You can pull in the canoe.
  • Provide grounds crew support; preparing meals, set-up and take-down of camp.
  • Share stories, songs, and dances.
  • Participate in the Final Protocol at the hosting Tribe by singing and/or dancing.
  • Elders are encouraged to be a part of the Final Protocol. Chairs are provided for elders so they may be able to be a part of the celebration with the group.
  • Snoqualmie Tribal Songs, drumming, and dances.
  • How to make your own regalia; drum, rattle, flute, vest, shawl, hat, paddle.
  • Canoe paddling and conduct in the canoe.
  • Lushootseed phrases to use in the canoe, prayers, asking permission to leave and come to shore.
  • The history about the Canoe Journey and what happens while on the Canoe Journey.
  • Self-care and conduct while on the Canoe Journey.


The Canoe Journey “Journey” was formed for the revival of the Canoe Culture of our ancestors, and to educate those of these practices. It is the largest event held by Native Americans in the Northwest region and is hosted by different Tribes in the US and Canada.

The Canoe Journey is family oriented and is a drug and alcohol-free event.

All Tribes, federally recognized or not, are invited to attend this event as well as those who have their own canoe not associated with a specific tribe. The majority of attendees are Native American, but everyone is invited to attend. The events focus on revitalizing canoeing to those who have canoeing ancestry. Participants have come from as far away as Mexico, Japan, and Peru. Tribes who participate in Tribal Canoe Journey often have an organized team or what is called a “Canoe Family”, to organize the group. There are several different roles to fill for the preparation of the Journey.

At the end of the Canoe Journey the participants take part in Final Protocol, held at the hosting Tribe’s land. All the canoes that landed in the hosting Tribe’s territory are expected to participate in Final Protocol. This is done by sharing a variety of cultural information, songs, dances, and stories. To complete the etiquette of Final Protocol, participating Tribes will thank and gift the hosting Tribe and the guests who’ve taken part in witnessing their sharing.

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Upcoming Gatherings

Snoqualmie Tribe Canoe Journey Experience Photo Gallery E-form

As part of the Snoqualmie Tribe Canoe Journey Experience live tracking map, users are encouraged to add photos at each landing along the route. These photos can be from years past or from 2023 and will give visitors and Tribal Members an idea of what to expect along the way!

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Contact Us

Wayne Graika

Debra Mathis

Culture Department

Ten Rules of
Canoe Journey

  1. Every stroke we take is one less we have to make.
  2. There is to be no abuse of self or others.
  3. Be flexible.
  4. The gift of each enriches all.
  5. We all pull and support each other.
  6. A hungry person has no charity.
  7. Experiences are not enhanced by criticism.
  8. The journey is what we enjoy.
  9. A good teacher allows the student to learn.
  10. When given any choice at all, be a worker bee–make honey!

PURPOSE: The Canoe Journey Benefit was developed to encourage participation of Tribal Members and their families in the Annual Canoe Journey. This benefit is a seasonal benefit that is approved and administered yearly per Snoqualmie Tribal Council approval.

ELIGIBILITY: To receive this benefit, the applicant must be an adult enrolled member of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe.

Checks in Advance: Applicants requesting checks in advance must have their complete application submitted to the TCR Program by July 30, 2023.
Reimbursement: Applicants requesting reimbursement for lodging/ferries/toll must have their complete application submitted with all original receipts to the TCR Program by August 13, 2023. Vendor payments are not being offered for this program.

To learn more about this benefit, please contact

Canoe Journey Transportation and Lodging Assistance Eform

To apply to the Canoe Journey Transportation and Lodging Assistance via eform, please click on the button below.

Countdown to Canoe Journey 2023