Snoqualmie Tribe Culture Department

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe (sdukʷalbixʷ in our native language) consists of Native Americans from the Puget Sound region of Washington State. We are the People of the Moon. Tribal members have lived in the Puget Sound region since time immemorial. Long before explorers came to the Pacific Northwest, our people hunted deer and elk, fished for salmon, and gathered berries and wild plants for food and medicine.

Today, many live in Snoqualmie, North Bend, Fall City, Carnation, Issaquah, Mercer Island, and Monroe. Tribal members were signatories of the Treaty of Point Elliott of 1855, which reserved Native American Tribes in the Puget Sound area, including Snoqualmie, the right to hunt, fish, and live in the places they had done so for thousands of years.

Canoe Journey 2023

The Snoqualmie Tribe’s Culture Department is honored to invite all Snoqualmie Tribal members and their families to attend this year’s 2023 Canoe Journey Paddle to Muckleshoot: Honoring Our Warriors Past and Present (July 30, 2023 – August 6, 2023).

The upcoming Culture Department gatherings offer Tribal Members the opportunity to make their own regalia, learn songs and dances, learn how to make traditional art and help prepare gifts for the hosting tribe and guests, ready the participants who want to pull in the canoe, and learn how to speak Lushootseed while on the Canoe Journey.

To learn more about how you can participate in Canoe Journey 2023, please click on the button below.

Canoe Journey 2019, Snoqualmie River near Tolt (Carnation, WA)

Fatherhood is Sacred Program

The Fatherhood is Sacred Program offers participants the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of responsible fatherhood as reflected in Native American values and beliefs. This is a six-week course to provide culturally relevant materials to teach fathers and father figures of Native American children how to be responsibly involved in their child’s life and the vital impact it has on their family.

Sessions will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 PM – 7 PM online using the Zoom application.

There will be a celebration of completion that fathers and father figures will be able to attend with their children. A meal will be shared at each session and attending participants will receive a gas stipend. Each class size is limited to 20.

To learn more about participating in the Fatherhood is Sacred Program, please click on the button below.

In-Person Culture Classes

All classes are open to enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Members and their families.

The Culture Department is offering in-person Culture Classes to all Snoqualmie Tribal Members and their families. Each class will focus on a different project and will provide a meal. Wearing a mask during class is encouraged. If you are feeling unwell or sick, please consider staying home.

In-person Culture Classes will occur one Saturday a month starting in January 2023. These classes include Medicine Bags & Moccasins, Drums, Turtle Rattles and Rawhide Rattles, Salves, Regalia Shawls and Vests, Cedar Headbands, and Beading.

Upcoming Gatherings

There are no upcoming events.

Harvesting Outings for Tribal Members

Are you interested in harvesting activities with our Culture Department? Harvesting is a great way to practice being mindful while also enjoying the outdoors. We recognize that harvesting, and sharing cultural experiences, is a part of our treaty rights and the Culture Department wants to help make these activities more accessible to you. At each outing we will provide snacks and water, and any tools that may be needed.

If you would like to RSVP for a Harvesting Outing please contact:

Online Lushootseed Language Classes

All classes are open to enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Members and their families. Caregivers of Snoqualmie Tribal youth are also encouraged to sign up.

For the Lushootseed Language Classes we are asking that the participants be middle school aged or older to participate on their own. Younger students will need to have an adult learning alongside them to help.

Private sessions can be scheduled for individuals or groups on their preferred day, time, and frequency of lessons. To request private sessions, contact Angela Wymer at