Culture Class Tutorials Online

This page will host any videos or presentation slides that cover Culture Department projects from the Culture Class List. These videos and tutorials are produced, and occasionally edited, by the staff of the Snoqualmie Culture Department.


We hope that providing these tutorials outside of the classroom on Zoom will make it easier for Tribal Members to follow along. You can also find the videos on our official Snoqualmie Tribe YouTube Channel. Click here to view our YouTube Channel. All content on this page remains the property of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe and commercial use is strictly prohibited.


If you have any questions or are having trouble viewing, please contact Ginger de los Angeles at


Presentation Slides

The following tutorials were generated from presentation slides. Each FlipBook contains tools to adjust sound, brightness, zoom, full-screen mode, more. (You can hover over each tool with your cursor to get a description.)


Creating Beaded Pets “Penguin”



Bone and Bead Choker Necklace


Christmas Earrings


Video Tutorials

The following tutorials were produced using video and are also available on the Snoqualmie Tribe Official YouTube Channel. Click here to view our YouTube Channel


Small Medicine Bags

Cedar Roses

Drum Making

Cedar Bracelets